Preparedness for Reconstructing Langtang after Monsoon

Preparedness for Reconstructing Langtang after Monsoon

Avalanche along with the earthquake on April 25 destroyed the tourist destination Langtang Village. Dozens of the people lost their life, and more than 50 people are still missing. Beautiful village have turned into the deserted beach after the avalanche, there is nothing to hope. But also the locals are excited and eager to bring Langtang in its previous form.

Locals on the Chairmanship of Temba Lama have formed a committee for the reconstruction of Langtang. Locals were planning to make Langtang the model village for the country but the earthquake became the barrier, disaster not only took their relatives but it also turned the village into a desert. To give previous form to the deserted village, people are planning to work for reconstruction after monsoon.

"All of the people from langtang residing in Yellow Monastery in Swoyambhu have given their attention on building their village and settle in their own village", Deputy Chairperson of the Committee Subba Lama said. "It is not possible to go to Langtang before Dashain(a biggest Hindu festival) but as soon as the monsoon ends we will return to our village", he added. He also told that around 65 people have already returned to the village for looking after the yaks and horses.

"Now people are planning to settle in the new place not in the place where the avalanche struck", told Dindup Tamang from Langtang-7, Thangsyap. "People are suffering from hot weather and mosquitoes in Kathmandu so we are waiting for monsoon to end as soon as the monsoon ends we will return to our village", he added.
Finjo Tamang from Langtang-7 told that, "we have to rebuild the damaged houses and make Langtang even more beautiful. We have to change the sorrows into power. Though Langtang village collapsed the beauty of that place is still there, it is our duty to build our place ourselves", he added. If the government helps in building tourism infrastructures, we will build our village ourselves.

Most of the people in Langtang were generating their income through hotel business, now they are thinking about the ways to comeback in the previous state. Around 90 big and small hotels in the district used to run their business from the tourists going to Langtang. Around 20,000 people from 50 countries used to reach Langtang every year.
The income source of Mountain villages comes from hotels and the tourists going to those places. The Local’s income was generated through the tourists going from headquarter, Dhunche, Syafru to Langtang. At first people are planning to open the trekking trail to reach Langtang Village. Nepal Tourism Board has allocated 15, 00,000 Nepalese rupees for the reconstruction of the trekking trail to reach the Langtang Village. Within Bhadra (September 16), we have to finish the maintenance of the trails with the allocated budget, local development officer, “Bishnu Koirala told”. We have ordered Local Reconstruction Committee to start the work at its earliest. Within Bhadra (September 16) trekking trail should be reconstructed if not 15 days more will be added.

To omit the negative message that the Mountain Region is unsafe, Hotel entrepreneurs from Rasuwa are giving message that the Tamang Heritage Trail is safe to visit. Furpu Gyalmo Tamang member of Hotel Entrepreneurs Committee told that the places in the Heritage Trail such as Syafru, Golgung, Gatlang, Tatopani, Naagthali, Thumman, Timure and Briddim are safe and it only takes an hour walk to reach Langtang village from the Tamang Heritage Trali.

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