12 reasons why Nepal is safe to visit after the Earthquake

12 reasons why Nepal is safe to visit after the Earthquake

Dear Travelers, Friends, Well-wisher and Supporter to Nepal,
Greetings from Devastating Nepal!!

Yes an Earthquake that had a disastrous effect hit its true Nepal but now the country needs your help to recover from it and the best way how you can help Nepal recover is not cancel your travel plans to Nepal and go visit. Yes, it is true that few popular travel destinations have suffered damages due to the earthquake but you can have your little contribution to rebuild this heavenly paradise and now is the time you can help and that’s by visiting Nepal.

Want to help Nepal? Visit and spend money. Nepal's hospitality is up and running and can be enjoyed for a bargain!!

In Nepal, tourism creates jobs, jobs support families, and families contribute to societies. Travellers who are willing to come to Nepal will directly and positively affect change for the better

Please tell all your family and friends about what Intrepid is striving to achieve for a sustainable tourism future for Nepal. Your collaborative voice will make a difference

 After a month, if you ask is it safe to visit Nepal then yes it is safe to visit Nepal. Why is it safe to visit Nepal after the Earthquake?

Let me give you 12 reasons why Nepal is safe to visit after the earthquake.

The real status of TOURISM IN NEPAL after the Earthquake !!!

  1. As Nepal is divided into 14 zone and 75 districts only 10 districts are affected by earthquake so 65 districts are safe to visit and stay.
  2. As Nepal has 10 National Park only one (Langtang National Park) is affected other 9 National Park are safe to visit and stay.
  3. As there are 8 UNESCO world heritage sites listed from Nepal 3 sites of them are 40% affected and other 5 sites are safe to visit and stay.
  4. As for the connection of transportation there is 0% damage in Highways and sub-ways so you can travel around and get transportation connection.
  5. As per the Nepal government authority of 35 trekking routes only 2 trekking routes of them are affected (Manaslu –Gorkha and Langtang-Rasuwa) other 33 trekking routes are safe to trek and stay.
  6. There is no problem for communication cell phones, internet etc. You can communicate easily around the world.
  7. You are safe accordingly for your health here is no viral disease so you are safe from being affected by disease.
  8. Hospitals and clinics are safe and in operations.
  9. 90% hotels are safe we will take you to the best place so you are safe.
    We are operating and working now for your holidays and adventure and contacting every time with guide so you are safe
  10. All the TIMS and permits counter are functioning so we can get permits so that’s is a call for your vacation which makes you safe.
  11. Our international airport and domestic airports are safe.
  12. Nepali people want to rise again so their kindness and respect toward you is stronger so you are always safe.
  13. Nepal is your transit destination of Tibet Tour and Bhutan Tour.

“Naturally Nepal Once is Not Enough”

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